CrushOn AI

CrushOn AI

May 4, 2024



CrushOn AI is an NSFW chatbot that allows users to engage in genuine, no-filter 18+ conversations with their favorite AI characters in unrestricted settings. Users can express their thoughts and desires with the AI virtual partner in a fun and engaging manner. The platform contains various AI characters such as celebrities, anime, Youtubers, and video game characters. If the available characters do not appeal to the users, they can create custom-made characters and indulge in fun conversations with them. Users must provide a name, tags, personality, and character photo to generate a custom character.

CrushOn Features

Pre-Made AI Characters

CrushOn AI offers a diverse selection of pre-made characters for its users. The characters fall into different categories: gaming, anime, superheroes, and more. Users get an experience similar to choosing a character in a video game or a cartoon. Since various options are available, users can explore until they find a character that resonates with them.

CrushOn AI’s characters are designed for interaction, so after choosing the ideal character, users can dive straight into engaging conversations without any hassle.

Create Custom Characters

Users can create and customize their own if the character they seek is unavailable. This feature allows users to design personalized characters, making interactions with the character more engaging and enjoyable. When customizing characters, users can tailor conversations to their liking and add more appeal to the platform.

One of the best features of CrushOn is that users can interact with two AI characters simultaneously for dynamic conversations. 

No NSFW Filters

CrushOn AI does not have Not Safe For Work (NSFW) filters, meaning you can access content without restrictions. However, you can turn off this feature if you do not want it. When you switch the NSFW filter off, you avoid “inappropriate” and romantic conversations. This feature gives users complete control over the type of content they want to access on the platform.

Community Guidelines

CrushOn AI strongly emphasizes community guidelines to ensure a respectful and safe environment for user interactions. The platform enables users to share their experiences and provide feedback to cultivate a sense of community. Users can also vote for characters, suggest new features, and create virtual girlfriends and boyfriends to chat with. This collaborative approach encourages users to actively participate in shaping the platform and foster a sense of belonging among community members.

Advanced AI Algorithms

CrushOn AI relies on AI technology to produce human-like responses. All AI characters’ responses are coherent and behave naturally within the conversation’s context. Such sophistication enhances the overall user experience, making interactions with CrushOn AI immersive and enjoyable.

User-Friendly Interface

CrushOn AI boasts a user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless navigation and effortless use. Its intuitive layout and simple design ensure users can dive into their creative projects without encountering hurdles. Every step of using CrushOn AI is straightforward and intuitive, from browsing through available AI characters to customizing creations.

Role Playing

CrushOn AI allows users to immerse themselves in role-playing games fully. These unleash the creativity of users and will enable them to come up with narratives that bring their characters to life. Users can develop complex plotlines for their AI characters and embark on an adventure. With CrushOn AI, the only limit is the user’s imagination.

CrushOn Pricing

CrushOn AI operates on the Freemium model. The platform has a Free mode that users can access without paying for anything, as well as the other three paid plans. The paid plans are Standard, Premium, and Deluxe.


CrushOn AI’s Free plan allows users to explore the platform’s features at no cost. With unlimited access to the platform forever, users can enjoy creating custom characters and accessing community characters without subscription fees. However, this plan allows only 50 monthly messages, deleting the memory after seven days of inactivity. Also, during peak times, users may experience shared chat capacity, potentially affecting immediate access.


The Standard plan goes for $5.99 per month. The plan gives users access to 2000 messages monthly for extensive interactions and conversations. Also, users benefit from basic priority and chat capacity. However, this plan has a limited memory, meaning the user data may be subject to deletion after a certain period of inactivity.


The Premium plan is $14.99 monthly for those seeking an elevated experience with enhanced features and capabilities. Users enjoy access to 6000 messages monthly and a good memory capacity to retain data and interactions for longer periods. In addition, users enjoy dedicated chat capacity with medium priority and all the Standard plan features.


The Deluxe plan is the ultimate choice for users who desire the utmost features and capabilities and goes for $49.99 per month. This plan provides unlimited messaging so users can engage in as many conversations as possible without restrictions. Also, this plan boasts maximum memory capacity, ensuring that data and interactions are stored indefinitely. As if that’s not enough, Deluxe users benefit from dedicated chat capacity with high priority, providing lightning-fast responsiveness and optimal performance during interactions. Advanced features like adjusting memory size, customizing message lengths, and enhancing Immersion Mode are also available to Deluxe users.

How to Use CrushOn AI

  • Visit the CrushOn AI official platform on https://crushon.ai/
  • Sign in to the platform using your Google, Apple, or Discord account. You can also use your email to log in
  • After successfully logging in, choose a ready-made AI character and their gender, and toggle the NSFW filter on or off
  • If you don’t want a pre-made AI character, click “Create Character” on the left menu pane. You can upload a character card image file, JSON or create your character from scratch
  • Give a name to your desired character and upload a picture
  • In the introduction field, key in how your AI characters would describe themselves lives, e.g., occupations, personalities, hobbies, etc
  • Now, choose if you want your character to be visible to the public, add the correct tags, NSFW rating, and their gender
  • You will then need to fill in other fields like the greetings, scenario, and example conversation
  • Once done, click “Create and Chat.”


Is CrushOn Safe?

While CrushOn AI emphasizes its commitment to user safety and privacy through its community guidelines and terms of use, the website does not provide specific details regarding moderation and safety measures. Therefore, users should exercise discretion and caution when using the platform.

How Can I Ensure My Safety When Using CrushOn AI?

To ensure your safety when using CrushOn AI, avoid sharing sensitive information during conversations with your AI partner. Also, refrain from granting access to your photos, videos, or camera, and log in using third-party accounts.

Can I Use CrushOn as an Artist?

Yes, CrushOn AI can be a valuable tool for artists. The NSFW filter allows users to engage in dialogue-generation capabilities that artists can leverage for creative writing projects, character development, and storytelling. Also, with the customizable character creation features, artists can design and personalize AI companions to fit seamlessly into their creative projects.

Can Kids Use CrushOn AI?

No, CrushOn is not suitable for children. Given the potential for mature and explicit content, the platform is inappropriate for minors. It is designed for adult users seeking entertainment, companionship, or creative exploration.

Can I Use CrushOn for Free?

Yes, CrushOn AI has a Free plan for users who want to engage in fun and engaging conversations without incurring any costs. However, some features may be limited to the Free plan, forcing users to subscribe to either the Standard, Premium, or Deluxe plan. 


In conclusion, CrushOn AI offers a unique and engaging platform for users to interact with AI characters in no-filter conversations. With all the features offered, CrushOn AI emerges as a dynamic and versatile platform providing users a diverse experience. From its NSFW chatbot functionality to the extensive range of pre-made and customizable categories, the tool offers opportunities for engagement and interaction. All these features prove that CrushOn AI is a premier destination for creative exploration, companionship, and entertainment.