SpicyChat AI

SpicyChat AI

Jun 8, 2024



SpicyChat AI is a Chatbot with AI characters where users can engage in SFW and NSFW conversations. The platform allows mature themes, allowing users to customize their experience and engage in more creative and personal chats.

SpicyChat AI is powered by Chronos-Hermes 13b and Pygmalion7b, two modern text generation bases for NSFW and SFW content. The platform also uses Natural Language Processing to analyze and accommodate user inputs. It automatically composes responses according to pre-set settings.


  • Uncensored Chat– SpicyChat AI allows users to have unfiltered and realistic conversations with their AI characters. Users can also set up responses based on their specific keywords and signals. 
  • Create Your Dream AI Companion: Ever dreamed of creating the ideal friend, confidant, or flirtatious companion? With SpicyChat AI, your dreams can become reality. Customize unique AI characters to match your deepest desires and choose to share them with friends or keep them just for yourself. The power to create is in your hands.
  • Experience Your Wildest Fantasies: Ever dreamed of having the perfect friend, confidant, or flirty companion? With SpicyChat AI, you can make those dreams come true. Design unique AI characters that match your desires and decide whether you want to share them with friends or keep them private. The power to create is yours.
  • Roleplay with 150,000 chatbots– SpicyChat AI has more than 150,000 characters with which users can interact. Users can create their own and make them public or private if that is insufficient. 
  • Memory– The AI characters in SpicyChat AI remember past conversations and can provide a context for them. However, the memory is based on tokens and can be limited. 
  • Image generation– SpicyChat AI can also generate images as output. These images usually relate to the chat and help make the conversation lively. 

How to Use

  • Visit https://spicychat.ai/ and register an account using your email or social media accounts.
  • Select a username and display the name for others to see
  • Choose a character from the 138,000+ characters available by browsing through the various categories available
  • Alternatively, begin crafting your character by clicking the “Create Character” button
  • Choose an avatar, name, title, greeting, and personality for your ideal character
  • Adjust the visibility settings depending on your preferences. There are three options: public, unlisted, or private
  • Save your character and start chatting with them


SpicyChat AI has three plans: Get a Taste, True Supporter, and I’m All In.

  • Get a Taste- costs only $5 monthly and allows you to skip the waiting lines. 
  • True Supporter- goes for $14.50 monthly and offers additional features like conversational images, 4096 tokens and more human-like responses from the AI companion
  • I’m All In- grants access to 8192 token responses and allows users to send conversation images in private chat for $24.95 per month.


How Does SpicyChat AI Work?

SpicyChat AI operates through Natural Language Processing and Generative AI technologies. It uses these two technologies to understand user inputs, analyze contexts, and generate responses similar to human-like conversations. The platform also continually refines its responses based on user interactions to provide more engaging and accurate discussions over time.

Can I Customize My Character on SpicyChat AI?

Yes, you can customize your character on SpicyChat AI and personalize your chatbot experience. You can tailor your ideal character by providing your preferred name, scene, personality, age, race, and scenario. This customization allows you to tailor your interactions and create a virtual companion that reflects your unique styles and interests.

Am I Allowed to Engage in NSFW Conversations With My AI Companion?

Yes, SpicyChat AI allows for NSFW conversations with AI characters. With this feature, you can engage in mature conversations with your companion to fulfill your fantasies. Also, you can ask your AI companion for sexy images to make the conversation thrilling further.

Can I Use SpicyChat AI for Free?

Yes, SpicyChat AI operates on the Freemium model and has a Free plan. However, users do not get access to all the features on this plan and may have to endure long waiting queues to use the platform. To avoid this, paid plans are available.


In conclusion, SpicyChat AI offers a playground where users can indulge in SFW and NSFW conversations with AI characters. With its features like virtually unlimited characters, diverse input options, and memory recall, it offers a dynamic and immersive chatting experience. Whether you are looking for a casual conversation, creative exploration, or something spicier, SpicyCat AI has something for everyone.