SoulFun AI

SoulFun AI

Jun 8, 2024



SoulFun is an AI platform that allows users to engage with interesting AI characters known as “AI soulmates.” The platform has many AI characters with distinct personalities, stories, and backgrounds. This wide range allows users to chat with different soulmates simultaneously for a more immersive experience. Also, this diversity ensures every user can find an AI soulmate that resonates with them.


  • Wide Range of Characters– SoulFun prides itself on offering diverse characters to cater to users with varying preferences and interests. These characters span different hobbies, personalities, ages, professions, and appearances.
  • Interactive storylines– Through these interactive narratives, users’ responses and choices directly impact the development of the storyline with the characters. 
  • Customizable virtual characters—This feature allows users to customize every aspect of their virtual companion, allowing them to express their creativity and preferences.
  • Voice chat– SoulFun AI’s voice chat feature uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze and interpret users’ speech patterns. This system is highly skilled at recognizing voice, resulting in interactions that feel human-like. 
  • Photo requests from AI soulmates—Users can request photos from their AI companions. This feature enhances the chat experience by adding a visual dimension, allowing users to engage with their AI companions more effectively. 

How to Use

  • Download the SoulFun AI app on your preferred device
  • Create an account by registering and providing the relevant information. You may need to verify your email and phone number for this step.
  • Browse through the diverse range of characters and choose an AI companion that suits you best.
  • Personalize the appearance, backstory, and characteristics of your NSFW AI companion.
  • Engage in either text conversations or voice chat conversations. Your replies and choices will influence the development of the storyline.
  • If you would like to, create a completely customized virtual character to serve as your exclusive companion and explore emotional connections and surprising plot developments with them


Free plan- unlimited access at no fee.

Pro model- personalized characters, 1000 coins and fast response times. The monthly subscription costs $39.99, but with a limited offer, users can enjoy a 50% discount at $19.99 monthly. For those seeking even more significant savings, an annual subscription is available at $119.99 per year, equal to just $9.99 per month, with a 50% discount.


Can I Use SoulFun AI for Free?

Yes, you can use SoulFun AI for free with limited features. The free version allows users to engage in everyday conversations with their AI companions as they get a glimpse of the platform’s capabilities.

Is My Information on SoulFun AI Secure?

Yes, SoulFun AI prioritizes the security and privacy of user information. The platform implements stringent measures to safeguard data, including advanced encryption techniques and robust security protocols. User information is also stored securely and only accessed to provide and improve the services offered by SoulFun AI.

What Are Similar Platforms to SoulFun?

Platforms similar to SoulFun AI include GirlfriendGPT, Replika AI, My Virtual Girlfriend, and Muah AI. These platforms offer AI companionship and interaction, allowing users to engage in conversations, share experiences, and build relationships with virtual characters.


In conclusion, SoulFun AI offers an engaging platform where users can engage with their AI soulmates and even send and receive voice chats and photos. Whether users seek companionship, entertainment, or emotional connections, SoulFun AI provides a unique space to explore and connect with virtual characters in a safe and engaging environment. With all its innovative features and interactive experience, SoulFun is your go-to destination for a kind AI companion experience.